Original Mixed Media Paintings



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There are several pages of ideas and examples of my work.
Some close-ups as well to give you an idea how much
I have an appreciation for the details.
The majority of my work is completed on unframed chunky canvases.
Please take a look at the close-ups and you will see why!
The pictures below also reflect the kind of texture that I use
throughout the majority of my unframed artwork .
I tend to describe the texture similar to frosting on a cake,
only a little bit more firm and certainly not edible!
Please notice the border edging of texture around the canvas as well.
A signature mark of my work!
It adds more textural interest and draws the eye into the canvas.


Please drop me a line if you are interested in commission work...






open the eyes to my heart
8x10x3" wood substrate-beeswax ~Sold


color my world




Diamonds and Paper Series-Grouping of 6 6x8s with beeswax over oil pastel. Lots of glam detail as shown in closeup-left

Featured in Romantic Homes Magazine July 2009 issue




"Lucky Break"gameboard
24x24x3/4" on wood substrate n/a

Mixed media clock- 8x10x4

Dreaming of her Dress~12x24~


fruit and vegetable series with beeswax
please inquire about commissions

through the garden-18x24
~Chirpy-7x19x3/4" mixed media with wax-
Joy Heart - 12x24x3/4 " wood mixed media and found object works -Sold
  Eat cake' - mixed media-beeswax, collage, painting--Sold

tic toc goes the clock
14x18x3" on wood - mixed media - beeswax - clock

                                          side view        
stack em up- lots of great collage, wax and color!
New~My Heart Is...~ 8x10x3" on wood substrate-
Very hefty piece with lots of great detail and depth- Found object and wax- Sold
      cake commission- celebration of a couples love for each other .-about 10x20 on wood with texture and wax      

8x8x3" on canvas with texture and wax


Jubilee-10x20x 1/2" on wood with texture and wax

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