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Perpetual Calendars




Front view of the imagery
Close-up view of the calendar with pegs and center image

Some of my favorite images from the past and some new ones were used to
create this striking Perpetual Calendar.

Chock full of detail, this vibrant winsome piece is sure to gather a
smile or two from whomever wanders by...
Great for any room in the home or office, and a fun gift to give too...


Available in 4 colors,(top and sides of calendar) each one is constructed of a hefty 3/4" wood base
and is embellished with hand distressing, stamping, and vintage detail.

An image of your choice is the centerpointe of the piece and is mounted to a 1/4" wood base.

Each calendar comes with 3 knobs for week, day and month placement.
Surface is lightfast, cleanable and hangs from two sturdy hooks in the back for stability.
Signed by Lisa on the back and ready to hang


Calendar Measurements

Apprx. 13x24"x3/4"~$105.00ea.

Purchase from the calendar choices below

Follow Your Heart~Heavy Cream Background
Chirp~Robin's Egg Background
Wings to Fly~Crimson Background
Moring with Tulips~Moss Background
Dream Heart~Heavycream Background
The Sun Shines~Robin's Egg Background

Party Boat~Crimson Background
Cottage~Moss Background
Chirp~Heavy Cream Background


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